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What inspires you daily? What gets your motivation running?
Is is a quote from Tumblr? A beautiful sunset? Maybe even an idea you got from a dream? Or, perhaps, you’re stuck and some inspiring things you find seem too difficult to do yourself.

My name is Hannah and this was my case for a very long time until one day I decided to just try it!

On this blog you will find my many attempts (failed or successful) at trying new things. Anything that inspires me I will try, no matter how difficult.

You can find interesting tutorials all over the internet, but what sets this blog apart from those is the perfection factor. Not every first attempt at something is a pass and most certainly isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have the experience to do it. I have no experience in any kind of crafts, cooking, baking, anything; I’m just like you. It’s scary to try new things when you’re worried you’ll fail, so I’ll try it first for you so you can learn from my mistakes.

Please feel free to engage in my posts and share you own stories with me so we can try new things together.

Enjoy, and stay positive! 🙂